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Adblock Plus for Chromehelp and info

  • Is Adblock Plus for Chrome Safe?

    As Adblock Plus for Chrome has been developed by Google, users will not have to worry about viruses and other security issues. Regular security checks will help to ensure that this software package is completely safe to be used within any operating system.

  • What is Adbolck Plus for Chrome?

    This program is an open-source project that it intended to block annoying pop-up advertisements on both Windows and Mac operating systems. As a result, users will not be bombarded with irrelevant content or third-party advertisements when browsing the web.

  • Can Adblock Plus for Chrome be Used on a Mac?

    Adblock Plus for Chrome is compatible with Mac OSX as well as with Windows operating systems. However, please keep in mind that the Google Chrome browser will have to be installed in order for this program to function.

  • Is Adblock Plus for Chrome Updated Frequently?

    Like many other browser extensions offered by Google, Adblock Plus is updated on a regular basis. This will help to address potential bugs as well as minor browsing issues.

  • Can I Manually Update Adblock Plus for Chrome?

    Users who wish to check for an update will be required to choose the "Tools" menu after clicking the Google Chrome icon. From here, clicking on "Extensions" will show the Adblock Plus icon. Underneath the description, click "Options". This will highlight whether or not any updates are currently available.

  • Is Adblock Plus for Chrome Free?

    Adblock Plus is an open-source program. To put this another way, there is no charge to download and install this application within a browser. This open-source nature also signifies that regular changes are made as the needs dictate.

  • Will Adblock Plus for Chrome Require Much Memory?

    The extension itself will not cause a system to use much memory. However, there can be times when many open browser windows will place a strain on the operating system. In this case, it is wise to close any windows that are not in use. Another option is to restart Adblock from within its options menu.

  • Can Adblock Plus for Chrome be Trusted?

    This program is regularly monitored for viruses, malware and other types of spyware. Users can therefore remain fully confident that Adblock Plus is one of the most trusted Chrome extensions on the market today.

  • Can Adblock Plus Chrome Block Surveys?

    In the majority of cases, Adblock Plus will prove very effective when blocking pop-up surveys. It is also possible to block an individual survey by entering its URL into the specific field within the Adblock control panel. More can be learned by visiting the official Adblock page.

  • Can Adblock Plus for Chrome Prevent Viruses?

    Although Adblock Plus for Chrome is an excellent tool to prevent annoying pop-ups, it has not been designed with virus protection in mind. It will provide a certain level of protection, as some pop-up advertisements could very well contain malicious programming. However, it is wise to procure a separate anti-virus package in order to enjoy superior protection.