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Customizable and powerful ad blocker!

Adblock Plus for Chrome is a popular extension to block ads on the browser. Since it’s free, it has been immensely popular among users around the world. While surfing the internet, there are malicious websites that try to scam you with multiple advertisements. Adblock Plus not only blocks these ads but ensures you get prompts to not visit harmful websites. With several filters and customization options, it allows you to remove specific ads and advertisers from websites you’re viewing, including YouTube. In the end, you get a peaceful, clean space to surf the internet. Compared to uBLock and similar software, Adblock Plus for Chrome has a simpler and cleaner interface.

A hassle-free extension to block ads!

While surfing the internet, it can be quite annoying to come across random advertisements. Some of these even blink and turn on flashy colors to disrupt your browsing experience. With Adblock Plus, you can remove advertisements from pages you’re viewing to avoid various issues. As such, it provides you with a cleaner space to enjoy your favorite content. In case you’ve always been annoyed by poor quality advertisements and pop-ups, Adblock Plus is exactly what you need. It’s one of the most popular ad blockers for Google Chrome. In fact, you can also download the tool on Firefox.

Apart from providing you with protection against bad advertisements, Adblock Plus reduces the risk of coming across phishing scams and malware on malicious websites. In the long run, it improves your browser’s performance and allows you to surf the internet with minimal disruptions. Since the tool comes with multiple filters and customization options, you can add ‘supported’ websites to a whitelist, giving you an opportunity to drive their revenue while enjoying loads of content. Overall, the mechanism used by Adblock Plus is excellent and has been appreciated by developers around the world.

Which ads does Adblock Plus block?

In 2011, Eyeo, the developer of Adblock Plus for Chrome, launched the ‘Acceptable Ads Program’. It allowed the company to codify specific standards for advertisement usage. Eyeo agreed to not block content from websites that abide by certain rules and regulations to get on the whitelist. In order to meet these requirements, advertisements couldn’t be too flashy, intrusive, or large. To this day, Adblock Plus has focused on striking this balance between what webmasters need and what users like.

On default, Adblock Plus for Chrome blocks a wide range of websites that aren’t on the developer’s whitelist. A huge development team keeps a check on the content being published by webmasters. As such, end-users get the perfect browsing experience with minimal disruptions. Compared to Adblock, the predecessor, Adblock Plus doesn’t require webmasters to pay to participate in the program. Only a few large-sized companies with over 10 million ‘acceptable ads’ need to pay for publishing content. This has helped the developers earn the trust and respect of admirers.

Does Adblock Plus allow some ads?

In the last few years, tracker blocking for cookie preferences has become an important subject of discussion. There have been some notable moves in Mozilla Firefox and Brave browsers. In fact, Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome have also adopted stringent advertisement and tracking policies. When it comes to alternatives like Ghostery, uBlock Origin, and Privacy Badger, Adblock Plus offers more filters and customizable content options.

As mentioned earlier, this free adblock for Chrome doesn’t block all tracking on default. In fact, it uses the ‘Acceptable Ads Program’ and cookies to ensure a clean and improved browsing experience. Additionally, you can conveniently disable the social sharing buttons, providing you with more space on the screen. It’s worth mentioning that Adblock Plus can be quite heavy on system resources, and thus, the features should be used judiciously.

Does Adblock Plus let you create filters?

If you’re even a bit technically-able, this free adblock tool will allow you to create customized filters. Moreover, you can mark unfiltered items by right-clicking these options and selecting ‘Block Element’. There’s a comprehensive panel for developer tools, which let you choose blockable items with applied filters.

In the ‘Settings’ section in Adblock Plus for Chrome, you can add specific websites to the whitelist. This exempts them from blocking. Additionally, you can toggle a few more options. An Adblock Plus icon is clearly visible in the address bar. Once you click it, you can disable or enable Adblock Plus extension in a single click.

Focusing on consumer interest

It won’t be wrong to say that Adblock Plus for Chrome allows publishers to choose from a wide range of ads deemed acceptable. These ads can be turned on for several websites. Overall, it gives a good impression to users, who see only pre-approved ads instead of cluttered spaces in the browser. Moreover, this program helps publishers make money from interested consumers from different regions in the world.

This free ad blocker is an innovative and effective way to build a consumer-friendly browsing ecosystem. Since the developers have a long list of criteria for approvals, users can browse the internet with minimal disruptions. For instance, ads approved by Adblock Plus can’t have large-sized images, flashy content, or unverified claims. If you’ve always been annoyed by the numerous ads prevalent on sites, Adblock Plus will be a great choice to surf the internet in peace.

A good way to block ads!


If you’re often bothered by advertisements while surfing online, you should download Adblock Plus. It’s that simple! Since the extension integrates well with Google Chrome as well as Mozilla Firefox, it’s an excellent choice for users around the world. Adblock Plus has been a credible and reputed extension for blocking advertisements on the internet.

Since the extension allows you to add custom filters, you can whitelist certain websites. It allows you to keep receiving content and ads from different options. Adblock Plus Chrome offers a wide range of presets or ready-made filters, which can be edited in the ‘Settings’ menu. Overall, Adblock Plus for Chrome is a great choice for Windows (including Windows 11) users. Compared to options like AdSkip, this one has a simpler interface, allowing you to edit filters and navigate easily. This one is perhaps the best adblock for Chrome.

Block annoying ads for free with the most popular extension ever!

Block all annoying ads on all the sites you visit with the most powerful adblocking tool available! Adblock Plus for Chrome automatically removes ads from YouTube, Facebook, news sites and everywhere else! In order to support free content, non-intrusive ads are allowed by default (so you can still block them all if you want).

Adblock Plus for Chrome blocks:video ads on YouTube, Facebook ads, sponsored Tweets, pop-ups, banners and all other obtrusive ads on the web.

Adblock Plus for Chrome also offers extra tools that give you control over your privacy. For instance, you can activate features that block tracking, malware and the social media buttons (e.g. the “like” button) that threaten your personal privacy.

Moreover, the UI has been greatly improved to give you control over your Internet experience. An integrated ad-counter shows how many ads you’re blocking on each page. In addition, the icon now opens a bubble that shows your personal “ad stats” (how many ads have you blocked all-time?), lets you hide specific page elements and enables you to whitelist sites you’d like to support.

The most popular extension ever is used by tens of millions of users everyday. Supported by hundreds of volunteers from all over the world, we make sure that all the intrusive online advertising are blocked automatically.

Adblock Plus is an open source project, which is also available for Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari and for Android. Adblock Plus for Google Chrome blocks annoying ads both on Windows and Mac OS X.

A few years back, we introduced the Acceptable Ads initiative. It aims to support websites that rely on advertising by allowing non-intrusive ads that have gone through our whitelisting process. By allowing some ads, you support websites that depend on advertising but choose to do it in a non-intrusive way. You can disable this feature at any time.

Download Adblock Plus for Chrome for free and get the best browsing experience!


  • Customization options
  • Preset and custom filters
  • Blocks individual elements
  • Permits only legitimate ads


  • Occasionally blocks permissible sites

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Adblock Plus for Chrome for PC

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 3.14
  • 3.8
  • (1991)
  • Security Status

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    great,thank you so much .
    so great.
    it has solved a huge problem to me .
    God bless you.
    Pros: fast
    Cons: no t More

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    get very much frustration to adds.
    I get very much frustration to adds. when I listen songs from youtube adds very much disturb to me
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    The internet is not only for p****!.
    A must-have tool for comfortable surfing. Can't really imagine the internet without Adblock filled with off More

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    Great and reliable.
    I like that adblocker pretty much. no annoying popups and ads. Also good settings and easy to manage
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    Great tool for blocking ads and banners.
    Great tool for blocking ads and banners. Easy to use, works effectively. Just enjoying surfing the Inte More

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    Excellent, very impressed with this honour ware, works every time..
    Excellent tool, very reliable - works every time. Impressed. And its Honour  More


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